Villa Vilina Dubrovnik background

Belonging to the Elafite archipelago,the island of Lopud is a tiny jewel set in the blue water of Adriatic sea,directly facing Dubrovnik (about 9 miles).Cars are not allowed on the island,making it a unique natural pardise.The island is second largest in the Elafite archipelago.

Located north-west of Dubrovnik,between the island of Kolocep and Sipan,Lopud is often called the most beautifule and prosperous in the archipelago.Lopud has a costline of 11,5 kms of wich is 1,50 kms are wonderfule sandy beaches.

Hotel Villa Vilina is situated in the center of the island just above the old port.As a small family run boutique hotel Villa Vilina offers its visitors timeless beauty and lots of nearby activities and places of interest to visit.

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Getting to Lopud

There is a frequent bus departures from Dubrovnik airport to the new Dubrovnik port Gruz. Also there are taxi transport and private transport wich hotel can arrange.From Dubrovnik airport to new port Gruz takes prox. 30 min. From port Gruz there is local ferry that runs 4 times a day ( With local ferry to Lopud takes prox.60 min, and island of Lopud is second stop. If you wish you may rent a speeding boat,prox.10 min to Lopud. Also Residence apartments can arange private transfer from airport to Lopud.